Postpartum essentials 🫧

Has anyone used the my expert midwife: spritz for bits? Iv been putting off buying it as I’m not too sure if it would actually do anything / help? Any other recommendations for after care is much appreciated
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I bought it but after delivery and stitches, the midwife advised not using it as it can irritate so I didn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️ heard good things about it though! Buy as many maternity pads as you think you’ll need… then triple it (same goes for how many you pack in your hospital bag too!)

I also wish I had a belly wrap. Will invest in one for baby #2

Sitz bath, DEFINITELY get the spritz (I’m assuming this is the bottle to rinse yourself clean after going to the bathroom), you can make PP healing pads - just get regular overnight pads, aloe Vera, lavender, witch hazel and then FREEZE them! It’s such a relief.

@Samantha ah glad it’s working good for you! Thank you for replying! Yes I have the always knickers for PP currently in my hospital bag ha ha

I used it and am Still using it and I'm 11 days pp. It does definitely help cool down and soothe, especially when the stitches start feeling tight, I also used the witch Hazel pads off amazon and put them on the disposal pants either always or morrisons own brand. Yes they look like nappies but they are comfortable and give alot more protection and Confidence.

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