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This post isn’t meant to trigger anyone if they’re or have struggled with weight in the past. I wanted to ask if any mamas have lost all off their baby weight and more. I can’t seem to keep weight on and I’m a stone and a bit lighter than my pre pregnancy weight.
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Yep I was 10lb less than pre pregnancy weight less than a week post partum and didn’t gain any back until I stopped pumping and went on an all inclusive ten day vacation at the same time 😅 (Still only gained a couple pounds so I weigh less than I did before becoming pregnant) If you’re continuing to lose weight and aren’t actively doing anything to try and do so I would definitely speak to the GP. Don’t want to worry you but unexplained weight loss can be a symptom of some pretty severe stuff.

For my first I went from slim, healthy weight to NHS overweight category (and quite far so) when baby was about two years old I did fasting (two fast days a week where I only ate dinner) and followed low carb the rest of the time. I got down to a size 12 which is bigger than I was but I was happy with. Of course regained a lot pregnant and breastfeeding with my second. Will look into fasting after a year and baby needs my milk less. Such a pain though I hate being overweight.

I feel fine, I was just interested to see if anyone else was having a similar experience

Ha, I was hoping for this but I put on weight breastfeeding and postpartum. Not while pregnant but actually postpartum. Do you feel good energy-wise?

I'm a stone below my previous birth weight. My loss was due to my traumatic delivery of baby and the stress I felt after. But then again I'm not really eating very well at the minute either. Have you had your thyroid checked? Sometimes weight loss can be down to thyroid issues. (mines not thyroid related but the doctor wanted to check mine when I mentioned my weight)

I'm bf twins and eating constantly, mostly crap tbh and still skinnier than before. Unlike first time I have a lot of stretch marks and a lovely c-section fat overhang so far from ideal. Can't really predict how your body will react to these huge changes.

I was the same after my first, lost more than pre pregnancy weight. Put it down to not eating very much/running around after a crazy boy. Hasn't been the same after my second x

I’m the same! I was 10kg heavier pre pregnancy 🤰 I think it is because before I got pregnant I was enjoying one too many wines, but now I barely drink! And I got gestational diabetes during pregnancy which forced me to eat very healthy for a few months! Also I bf so that burns calories amongst carrying baby all day :) Although these are all good things, I did find out I had hyperthyroidism, so I did lose more weight when I wasn’t well with it and have put a few kgs on since being medicated x

I was like that with my first I got very skinny people said I looked unhealthy which just stressed me out. I was eating two dinner a day so I was eating just fine 😂 it happens to some women and it can take a while for your body to gain weight, sadly for me it took falling pregnant with my second and I got big all over 🙈 but I wasn't like it again. Sorry I have no tips, maybe see a GP and get some blood works done see if your low on anything x

Though I’m loosing three pounds a week

I probably do eat enough but my baby is in their carrier most of the day and they’re high percentile. I’m probably burning more than I eat

I have lost my weight plus more, it was never my intention. I put it down to the fact I don’t have breakfast or lunch, only dinner and barely have time for anything but a few snacks in the day really with everything that needs doing and tending to. What is your day to day like diet wise etc? Are you eating ok? X

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