Snoring ! 😵‍💫

I have never snores so ugly in my life until my third trimester and my man is a light sleeper how do I fix this does anyone have a recommendation on what to buy? Lol bc I feel so bad for him tbh plus I like to cuddle at night and now im sleeping downstairs bc we need to accommodate 😂 which doesn’t really bother me bc I’m so comfy but omg I’m scared I am going to snore for the rest of my life !
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Have you tried nasal strips?

Yeah my husband started sleeping in the guest room because of my snoring lol I can’t blame him. It wakes me up sometimes too.

My snoring is bad now too and I never snored before. I wake up and my husband is gone to the couch :( poor guy

I am a snorer but its was worse in the third trimester with baby taking up so much space. I use a mouth guard that usually helps although it doesn't make much of a difference now that I'm this far along. It's probably just because it's harder to breathe now, but hoping it isn't permanent!

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