Baby rash please help

My baby girl is 7weeks old and has a rash in her face. I use aveeno baby lotion on it now but before that used aquaphor. I put breast milk in it and it looks a little better but does not completely go away. She has had these bumps for weeks. What should I do??
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My daughter is 10mths and she was diagnosed with eczema at 2weeks and this is my first child so I was terrified because it looked horrible.. but dr gave us hydrocortisone but that alone wasn’t working, I try breast milk and aveeno bath never worked. So I did my own thing i started putting apple cider vinegar 2 covers is her bath water.. I got tubby Todd lotion mixed with hydrocortisone because the all over ointment was not agreeing with her.. And that been her routine from then to now and my daughter skin is flawless and I must add she NEVER HAD A DIAPER RASH EITHER..

Toby Todd all over ointment

My daughter had really bad eczema until I cut dairy from my diet. Lots of babies are sensitive to it so if it’s not clearing up it might be worth it to try a dairy free formula/cut it from your diet while breastfeeding. They say it can take up to 3 weeks for it to fully be gone from your breastmilk but my daughter’s skin started clearing up in two days!!

Use tubby Todd.

Coconut oil got rid of our baby eczema. And had been useful for all sorts. No worry if it gets in their mouth either.

@Krupa okay thank ya!

@Karina thank you!!

i would suggest just try breastmilk thats the best

Try this brand of eczema lotions. The one in the tub that says night time is a thicker cream. I use it over night during colder drier seasons. And the other lotion is thinner and I use during the day.

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