Dog nipped toddler

We just got my dog back (6 months) from 2 week board and training which was not cheap by any means. When he went in he was a happy sweet dog just had no manners lol We got him back yesterday and while eating/toy playing he nipped my child. This NEVER happened before. Ever. We wonder if this is resource guarding because he was with so many dogs while being trained. In your opinion, if this was your situation, what would you do? I’ve tried talking to my husband and he says give it time. But I don’t know I’m anxious about it.
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I agree with what Sarah said, but also give it time, keep children away from feeding and personal spaces of the dog's and stay on high alert when they're in the same room so you're ready to correct dog or child. If you're distracted remove either dog or child from that space. Also give pups alllll the loves. It's confusing to leave home for weeks and then come back.

Speaking as a vet tech and owner of a formerly food aggressive dog. If you catch the dog in the act of doing anything like this to you or your child you need to immediately show the dog who is boss and that he must respect you and your child by grabbing him and quickly pinning him to the ground with your hand around his neck so he can't bite and don't let him up until he submits and stops struggling to get away. Do this as many times as it takes and he will learn. Also, teach your child not to take things like food and toys away from the dog while he is eating or playing with them just to make sure the baby is safe. I know the babies can't totally understand that yet so we are just very careful and never let the baby approach the dog while he is eating out of his bowl. We haven't had any issues so far even when baby wants to feed the dog what he is eating the dog waits for the baby to drop it rather than trying to snatch it from his hand. He seems to understand how protective we are of our child.

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