Bottle & solids feeding times - is my schedule too late?

So I keep seeing people say they start their day around 6am with their little one but I start it way later and feel am I starting too late?!😧 This is my schedule below: 9-10am - breakfast 11am - 1st bottle 2:30pm - lunch 4pm - 2nd bottle 7:30pm - dinner 8:30pm- bath (after dinner) 9-9:30pm - 3rd bottle/bed time 12:30-1am - last bottle.
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My girl gets up at 8am, has x2 naps with bottles and solids in between. She never finishes bottles or solids. She has a bath at 7pm then falls asleep about 8pm. She wakes up a lot during the night (I’m talking up to 10 times) and also still has a feed around 2am. Don’t worry about what others are doing, I’ve only just stopped comparing myself to other parents and their great schedules, it’s too stressful! If it works for you then it works for you, the baby is in charge at most times at this age🫶🏼💕

- May I add I’ve tried EVERYTHING to help with her schedule, habits and sleeping, nothing works for her. At this point I’m just riding it out and hoping she will grow out of it. Teething has a big factor xx

@Mya very true. It can be very overwhelming when your seeing other mummas doing such a early schedule and I do tend to compare myself as I feel I’m doing it wrong! But you’re absolutely right - every baby is different and I’m literally just doing what works for me … my LO wakes up a lot through the night too so I always have broken sleep and wake up around 9am with my little one xx

We’re quite late too, she usually wakes at around 8/8.30 and then the schedule pretty much follows yours apart from tea is a bit earlier at between 5-6.30 (depending on how the second nap went) and she goes to bed around 8pm. Falls asleep about an hour later 🫠 this is after trying to shift the day earlier over the last few weeks because she was waking up at like 10:30 🤣

If it works for you go for it. We’ve always followed her natural rhythm and she wakes around 8am now (used to be later but she’s gradually shifted slightly earlier). Works for us because I know I don’t want to be up at 6am 😂 I’m a bit nervous about when I go back to work as she will need to be up earlier but I’m hoping she’ll adapt as she needs to

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