Anyone else still get witching hour? 😩

My baby is still a very fussy baby at 12 weeks although I was told this will decrease by this time!! I see all these other babies sleeping well and happy when they’re awake but mine is just not. She does cry during the day but the evenings are still pretty bad. Please tell me I’m not the only one and this will end soon 😭
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Yeah definitely! She has been such a happy baby, her daddy currently has an awful cold so I wonder if she is coming down with that also xx

I think ultimately there’s always an element of witching hour especially after a busy day 😂 but yeah keeping track of wake windows etc has seemed to have helped us

Mine is like this but only for an hour in the evenings - it’s super tough!

We do 😫 mine is 13 weeks tomorrow. She's definitely got better over time but we still just have a burst of random crying every evening then eventually she just settles and goes to sleep, all I can think is that it's over tiredness, she's not the best at napping during the day and never really naps after 4pm. Bedtime used to be 9pm but I'm trying to slowly bring it forward to half 7/8 which seems to have helped but then again it could just be that she's 13 weeks!

@Millie we do bedtime between 7-8 usually but I’ll defo try earlier see if that helps. She does nap every 1/1.5 hours but they are always cat naps so I’m wondering if she’s just not getting enough good sleep all day 😵‍💫

Have you tried bringing bed time earlier? My little one was like this so popped her down earlier before she got too cranky and she slept and gradually have got bedtimes earlier. Read up on wake windows and make sure she hasn’t been awake too long prior to going to bed. My little one is nearly 15weeks and can manage about 1hr15-1hr30 awake before needing a nap so ultimately I try not to let that gap be any diff before bed time x

@Karlie oh it’s so hard isn’t it, I hate to complain about her but I know what you mean..! Did you see the crying die down up until the last few days you’ve had? Xx

My baby is 13 weeks and the last 3/4 days has been absolutely awful (I hate to call her that but it’s the only way to explain how she’s been😅) so unhappy crying all the time, very hard to entertain her. Wanting to feed every hour or two! I wonder if she’s going through a growth spurt? She’s been sleeping so well over night only waking once or some nights sleeping through. But last night was literally like being back at the newborn stages, she was up crying every 2 hours :( xxx

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