Ill baby

Lil man has progressively gotten worse all day with a cold (?) To the point where he's just non stop scream crying , coughing and a snot monster. He's eating fine and having his bottles fine. Would the doctors do anything ?
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If you haven’t already tried one, humidifiers are excellent to help loosen up the snot & it helps them breathe a lot better. Vit C is a good immunity boost too. Hopefully he feels better soon x

The calpol plug worked a treat for my little one when not well ☺️

I saw the doc yesterday after nearly a week of coughing for babe. He was very kind and checked her breathing etc but said coughs, colds and viral infections are so common this time of year. He sent me a link to this which I’ll use in future

There’s nothing the doctors can do. Especially if eating/having bottles as normal. Try calpol, some snuffle babe/vicks on their feet and chest x

My LG has been the same over the past few days. Unless he has a temp there's no much they can do. We've just been giving her calpol, using the baby version of Vicks on her chest and giving her a nice warm bath at night before bed x

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