Struggling with sleeping on the side

Anyone else struggling to stay asleep on their sides and find themselves on their back in the morning. I am 26 weeks and I keep struggling to stay asleep on my sides.
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I’m not stressing too much if I end up on my back, there’s not anything I can do about it. My doctor said it’s fine and shouldn’t affect baby. It’s more just uncomfortable for me and sometimes feels harder to breathe if I lay on my back for too long. Sleep in a way that’s comfortable

Same here, sleeping on my sides is very uncomfortable even with all the pregnancy pillows in the world around me 😂 I found that I can stack the pillows on one side of my back and kind of lead into it so I’m not completely on my back and that’s helped a lot

Literally my struggle every single night...the reason I'm up at 5am right now 😅 I just can't get comfortable even with pillows between my legs a pregnancy pillow like nothing works! I'm afraid to sleep on my back so I wake up just to make sure I'm on my side 🤦🏽‍♀️not to mention the weird vivid dreams! A couple more months and she'll be here is what I keep telling myself praying the agony will cease immediately lol

I was struggling hard for a while but my baby daddy got me a $50 pregnancy pillow from Walmart, C shaped. & It's been a huge blessing. Our family dog who I love to snuggle cane to live w me & I'm doing temporary long distance w baby daddy rn & I can't sleep w out him. Between the dog & the pregnancy pillow I sleep 8-12 hrs now!!!! I love it I highly recommend trying one!!! Huge game changer!!!!!!

I have trouble staying on one side I start on my left side and I always end up on my right side or on my back. I have a pillow but it doesn’t help because I’m a wild sleeper so it always ends up on the floor

@Katie omg that. I hurl myself from side to side endlessly and my hips are always in pain… ugh

@Katie exactly this!!

Yes side sleeping is hard all the pressure goes into your hips I wake up with hip pain and then try to roll on to the other side and it’s a whole painful ordeal and I wake up again from the other side being in pain. It’s a song and dance every night lol

Yeah it is odd that I feel pretty comfortable lying on my back.

Me! I woke up this morning and my entire body hurt from it

I wake up every morning on my back. And panic every time. But I run and get a glass of cold water or juice and make sure I feel him move. It scares me that I’m cutting off his blood supply. My doctor yesterday told me don’t worry about it too much. But she did tell me to get some pillows and put it behind me so it’s harder to roll flat

The babybub pillow helped me with that

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