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So I started losing weight towards end my first trimester I gain in the beginning, and now I’m in my second trimester 18 weeks pregnant I’m still losing weight and my ob was concern of my weight since he said I should be gaining by second trimester and wants me to gain 5-10 pounds when I go back to my appointment in 4 weeks and I’m having a hard time because I still get nausea the medicine I was prescribed don’t help so he told me to try my best because of baby I been trying lately and I’m having a hard time I could only eat 1 or 2 meal a day and some snacks but it’s hard to do it everyday I was eating 1 meal a day because of my nausea any advice ?
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I just had my girl Aug 3rd. I was so scared she was going to be so small cause I lost over 50+lbs my pregnancy. She was 7lbs 3.4oz. She is so perfect. The ultrasound tech said that babies in the belly is little parasites. They take what they need

Ask for different nausea meds! They should have tons and I always kick myself for not telling them that mine weren’t working and asking for a different kind. Also I was small when I got pregnant and I didn’t gain weight until the end of my second trimester. Try to get the nausea under control and then tackle gaining weight. It doesn’t matter what you eat if it won’t stay down….you can do it Mama!❤️

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