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Hi all! I had my 37 week growth scan today and baby is measuring small at 35w4d. Her measurements range from 34w4d to 35w4d, so she’s proportionate. I’m just worried about her head circumference measurement being in the 1%. The doctor said it’s 1 standard deviation below the mean and isn’t relevant, but I’m still super concerned. Her weight is 6lbs 6oz, she’s overall just tiny. Has this happened with anyone else? The doctor was very reassuring but I still feel panicky. Thank you!
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I have fetal growth restriction and most likely my baby will be just over 4lb when they take her out at 37 weeks. The docs say she is super healthy and happy otherwise and that she will just be small and will have to catch up on the outside.

Honestly, my sister and I were both born at 38 weeks and were only about 5.5 pounds, perfectly healthy, still healthy now, and average heights.

Thank you both so much!!! She’s proportionate overall (except her tummy because she’s a little chunky 😅), but I am still sooo anxious. At her other ultrasounds she was above the 10 percentile and now she’s hovering at 1, but she was also smushed into my cervix so I just don’t know what to think!

Yes! 2 ultrasounds ago her head was like in the 2%. But she’s small overall as well but that was her smallest measurement. I felt so panicked about her head but dr was not concerned at alllll. Just said it didn’t matter and could be her position or not even a super accurate measurement. At my ultrasound last week her head moved up to 7% so I’m feeling a bit better

I had my daughter at 37 weeks and she was just over 5 pounds (totally healthy and a thriving 2 year old now). She will always be small for her age but honestly both sides of the family are short.

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