Anyone else’s LO struggling to drink out of a straw cup? He even struggles with the old school sippy cups.

I’ve tried the suction method to show a straw contains water etc and put yoghurt at the end of the straw. Still no success. He is 7 months old next week and generally loves his water from a milk bottle.
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Thanks guys. Makes me feel better now.

my baby just learned today to drink from a straw i was so proud of him that he finaly mastered it cuz i tried to teach him since he was 6months he will be 8months next week🥰 xx

He is only 7 months old ,give him time. I have not even tried any straw or sippy cups yet,only Swedish cup to sip water.

As long as he is having water I see no problem. He will get there , there is no rush xx

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