Second pregnancy - big gap in appointments?

Is anyone else feeling similar? The reduction in the amount of appointments compared to my first pregnancy is quite big. Had my 22 week appointment today and that’s me now until 28. Feels a bit strange to only see my midwife once in my second trimester
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I don’t see my midwife now until I’m 28 weeks, and I last saw her at 18 weeks. It’s definitely different to the first time around isn’t it! What really frightens me is they missed a few complications with my first child, and that was with regular appts! And my son arrived 5 weeks early.. the idea that after 28 weeks the next one this time is around 35 weeks… by which point my son had been born is just 🫣

I last saw mine at 16 weeks and don’t see her until 28 weeks! Seems insane to me

I saw mine tofsy (25) and will see again at 28 weeks. My appointments are the same as my first. I didn’t realise it changed for others xx

This is my first pregnancy however I have said the same thing I feel like the appointments for anything to do with baby are so far apart.

My last one was 19 Weeks and my next one is 27 weeks. I was having the same thoughts the other day that I feel like I haven't spoken to anyone in a while. It's a good job I'm actually coping fine and not had too many symptoms.

Yes I feel the same. I last saw mine at 16 weeks and don’t see her till 28 weeks. I have a complicated pregnancy this time with low PAPP-A so I have an extra scan @ 22 weeks but other than that, nothing until 28. I think it’s crazy just because it’s your second you don’t see them as much xx

Same here I’m seeing my midwife 28 weeks …. She said if I wanted too see her before I could 😊 that would be fine xx

This is my first and I was surprised at how many I have. They seem to be every 3 weeks. I had one at 20 weeks a couple days before my 20 week scan and the midwife was confused why I was given one as apparently they don’t usually see you until 25 weeks then but I’ve got another when I’ll be 22 + 5. Although as it’s my first I am glad of the reassurance!

Yeh this is my second and they said the 25 week check was only for first pregnancies. So my last midwife check was 16 weeks and the next is 28 weeks. I feel the same it seems so far away!

This is my first and I have same appointments Scan at 21 weeks Midwife at 22 weeks Then another scan at 22 weeks- only because they were hidden and being stubborn 😂 Then don’t see midwife till 28 weeks. I thought that was a long time to wait especially 1st baby. X

I last saw mine at 15 weeks and wasn’t due to see her again til 28 weeks. I have seen them as an emergency yesterday spoke to a different midwife and she’s decided to bring me back at 26wks instead due to history in previous pregnancy. But I do think 16-28 is a massive wait!! X

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