was anyone else’s baby head measuring small ? and everything was fine with her/him ? my doctor was worried about my baby being small since I wasn’t measuring on time so I did an ultrasound and her head is measuring a week behind, now I’m just worried. it’s my first and idk what to think or expect :/
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and to say everything else is measuring on time expect her head. I’m super worried. she is 7lbs tho at 37 weeks and 5 days.

Hey there! I’m sorry your going through this, I didn’t have my sons head measure behind while in utero but after he was born up until about 2 years his head was progressively measuring small at growth checkups compared to the rest of his body and then it finally caught up a bit but is still smaller than the rest of him. They told us as long as he was on a growth curve and he wasn’t having any delays we had nothing to worry about. While I was pregnant however he at one point was measuring as a whole a week behind and then again caught up. I hope that helps mama!

Yes 2 of my 4 babies measured small and everything was fine they were just very petite my daughter measured the smallest she was born at 38 weeks barely 5 pounds 18 inches she is now a healthy happy almost 5 year old .

Did they say it was "on the small side" or "outside normal range". As long as its in normal range, there isn't anything to be concerned about. Xx

Mine was the total opposite, my doctor was telling my babies head was measuring big and it scared and worried me, but then she had reassured me that sometimes ultrasounds aren’t accurate especially towards the end of pregnancy. Hope everything is okay with baby and you have a safe delivery ❤️

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