Breast Feeding and Wine

So I’m A FTM and I want to drink some wine for the first time but not sure how much to pump and dump and how soon after do I do it? Someone told me dump the same amount of ounces I drink. 6 oz of wine pump and dump 6 oz of milk. Any suggestions?
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It’s false you do not need to pump and dump. If you can hold and take care of your baby you are fine to feed . There are a few lactation consultants that talk about it on TikTok and it’s very helpful 🫶🏻

Don’t dump anything it’s not necessary

This is the first time I’m hearing not to dump. Is the alcohol not going into the breast milk?

The breastfeeding class I took online said wait 2 hours after 1 drink to breastfeed. But I agree with the previous replies

Don’t dump your milk; if you’re worried about alcohol in your breastmilk, pump it and put an X on it & freeze for milk-baths for baby!

@Petalee not enough to have an effect

Drink the wine mama! My midwife before just said to be careful if you are feeling inebriated- that should be the line. If you want to be extra cautious, you can buy testing strips that will detect presence in breast milk.

@Allison I bought the strips !! Too be extra safe..

@Allison those aren’t 100% accurate so I wouldn’t waste your money! I’ve had friends test it on orange juice and it showed high levels of alcohol

Don't throw your milk away! A lactation consultant on hospital told me a drink or 2 is fine. Just dont get wasted and then breastfeed while wasted. (She told me the risk was MOSTLY in potentially dropping the baby. Not in the booze) if you wanna "play it safe" then drink just after nursing or pumping so you have time to sober up and sober up your milk so to speak. I pumped my morning milk the night after having a glass of wine and I threw it all out. It was a good amount. I am still sad. This was with baby #1 I can't believe nobody gave me good info back then. I birthed baby #2 in a different hospital with clearly a more knowledgeable and more helpful staff

Depend on how much you are planning to drink. What I usually do is pump the milk right before I drink a glass or two of wine then if my baby wants the milk I will give that one I pumped before while I’m waiting for the 2 hours after drinking to be safe. I also read that the alcohol don’t get trap in the breast so it will run out of your body after 2-3 hours.

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