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How were people’s experience of having a c section at the royal infirmary? Did you have to wait for long? I’ve been asked to come in at 8am but I’m last on the list that day.
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I had an emergency c section on the 9th at LRI. I ended up being put under because I could feel the pain still so I can’t comment on the actual survey. But the day staff on the ward after we’re absolutely incredible! Couldn’t fault them for anything. They were kind, helped me get a pad/nappy on, chatted to me etc. the night staff were not so good- I was told to collect my own water from the water fountain down at the bottom of the hallway (I was in agony and couldn’t walk far without help), they forgot to give me my pain meds when they did the drug round, when I was struggling to get my son to latch to me (FTM so had no idea what I was doing) they told me to take his bodysuit off and then they walked out the room. I had asked for help to the toilet to help change my pad and I was told “they’re pushing for me to be independent”. I get that, but I was day 0 of a c section, I was scared and on my own. That was personally my experience!

I had a planned section on the 5th & it was an amazing experience. My little girl was born by an unplanned section so I had a planned one. We went into theatre at 12:04 and he was out by 12:39 and then they stitched me up, I think I was out by about 13:10. Take all pain meds you are given is my advice, I took them until about 10 days im 14 days today and taking none. I have used a bump band this time around and I have found it really helps. But that’s just my opinion on it. I was in for 7am for the morning list, I think it’s the LGH which is 8am. I was last on the list for the morning, 2 in front of me, I was in for 12. I would go through it all again tomorrow. Luckily I did have a planned as baby turned out to be 10lb 8. We weren’t expecting him to be anywhere near that weight. Xx

Due to have a c-section at LRI and really concerned re the aftercare! Hearing more negative than positive experiences! I understand they want you to be independent but on day 0 you’d expect the staff to be more empathetic and understanding

Had an emergency c section and doctors were so awesome, even after they took really good care of me, checking all the time how I feel, if I need anything etc. Xx

Had a planned section at LRI in April and couldn't fault it. Amazing theatre staff, calmed me down and reassured me thr whole time, ward staff was brilliant. My LO was taken to neonatal and no problem at all for the staff to take me down ina wheel chair at any point through the night. I wanted to go down regularly to feed snd check on baby and absolutely no problem at all. Really take my at off to the staff there. I also wanted extra help BF and the staff come and sat with me for over sn hour at a time to help and support. 10/10 x

I couldn't fault the c section experience I had at LRI. Docs and everyone in that room were brilliant. The immediate aftercare was also great! However, the maternity ward I got moved to after that was not so good...

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