Salaam, If my husband says ‘If you do this we will be divorced’ and then I do it, are we automatically divorced ? Jzk
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I don’t think so. For a divorced tk be finalised he defo needs to divorce you ‘I divorce you’ or however they’d like to say it. I’ve never heard of a threat and then it automatically being divorced but I would check with an imam. And he would need to Give three divorces for it to be complete!

I'd be verrrrrrry careful if I were him sis. This is definitely the kind of question you don't want Peanut sisters answering (respect to all sisters obviously) but please check in with an imam and give them proper details inshaAllah. Hope you get the outcome that is best for you both 💕

That sounds more like a threat/warning, so no. From my understanding he will have to say “you are divorced” or a similar statement to be valid. But definitely double check for clarity.

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