How long did it take y’all to give birth when you found out you were 3 cm im 3cm rn and I wanna have my child already
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Know that dilation is different for everyone. At 3cm I gave birth 12 hrs later. Best of luck!!!

I was checked at 10.30pm and was 3cm, my next check was 1.30am and I was still 3cm, at 3.04am my daughter was born so about 4.5 hours from first knowing I was 3cm.

@joanna how many weeks were you when you were 3 cm?

At 3 cm I gave birth a week later

@Maddy I’m 37 weeks and 3 cm so I know it’ll be anytime but I have no clue how to get it started I know walking is one way

I was 3 cm at 38 weeks and gave birth 39+1 I did a lot of curb walking, ball bouncing, and one night the contractions randomly woke me up! Hope you don’t wait a week like I did

@Maddy I hope I don’t wait a week but I’m gonna try everything I can to make her come soon

I was 38+5 (daughter born 38+6), my waters had already broken on 38+5 and I’d had a stretch and sweep after they’d gone at which I was 1cm.

I’ve been 3-4cm since Saturday and still no sign. Think it varies for everyone!

I was 3 cm for a week before my final sweep. Next day I had a quick 7 hour start to finish labour!

4 hours from 4cm to fully dilated! Everyone’s different x

3 hours till baby was here when I was at 3cm. I was only 1cm for weeks before it 🥲 I was having contractions already at 3cm

I was 2/3cm at 7am. Went home, did my food shopping. I gave birth just before 10pm

I was at 3 cm at like 34/35 weeks or something when they checked during a ob visit. I gave birth at 37 (only made it to 3.5/4cm before we realized we needed a section

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