Chicken pox?

My baby has had this little spot on her chest since around 10am this morning and it hasn’t got better or worse, I can see a small spot on the side of her face but I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid. She has no temp but has been extremely ratty all day. I have a dr appointment tomorrow but I guess I just wanted to hear everyone else’s experiences with chicken pox if your baby has had it? PS I have already stocked up on Calpol, Calamine cream and antihistamine just in case😂🙏🏽
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If its been there and no others have appeared since 10am, I'd say its prob not chicken pox. If it was me, I'd keep an eye on it and see pharmacist if ur worried as they can look at rashes, spots, etc. Might she have just caught herself with a sharp finger nail?

@Helen I did think that but when I shine a light on it, there’s no opening where the nail would have caught it. I guess it’s just a waiting game from here on out, we have seen the pharmacist and stocked up so fingers crossed xxx

Have any more appeared since? If not then it could just be a normal spot.. my lg is just scabbing up from hers now and everytime she’d nap/sleep she’d wake with more as the heat brings them all out. She did start on her chest,back and hands but then eventually they were everywhere but still quite minor compared to some children xx

@Emily no more this morning and she has woken up herself so I’m thinking she may have escaped it this time!

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