Increased pressure and lower back pain

Hello! Just wanted to get some opinions, I’m currently 35 weeks and 4 days and been having braxton hicks sporadically over the last few days, they seem to have become a lot more intense accompanied by a feeling of pressure down below and awful back pain, I’m not particularly worried but the pain seems to be increasing and I just don’t know what’s normal or not🙃 Any advise? X
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I’m having the same issues with back pain but seems to be worse when I wake up in the middle of the night after sleeping on one side. I’ve found that sleeping on my side with my legs straight instead of bent have helped a little x

When you say pressure does it feel like you have been booted in your lady bits, like it’s tender?? X

Mine is exactly the same tonight, can barely walk!

Totally normal, I have had that since 35 weeks and I'm now nearly 38 and still the same. It's just our bodies preparing, it just gets worse to be honest. But if you are worried then call triage for a piece of mind x

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