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Hey Mummas I’m going back to work in October and have breast fed up to now. I’ve introduced some formula this week as we will combi feed going forward. The problem is he seems to prefer the formula in a bottle to the breast milk. He guzzles the formula but seems to not really be interested in breast milk from the bottle. If I was to mix formula and breast milk together, how would I go about it? Would I have to make the formula bottle up and add the breast milk when both are at room temperature? Or can I add breast milk from the fridge? Thank you 💕
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My sister in law struggled with this and told me sometimes some women's milk goes sour really quickly and is not suitable to be expressed. Maybe this is happening to you? I started combi feeding and making a formula on it's own just drop a breastfeed particular feed day by day and boobs adjust quickly. Or have you always expressed?

Unsure about mixing - maybe just warm the breastmilk up more. I was surprised at how warm it is coming out of your boobs!!

@Taylor thank you xx

We started out combi feeding by mixing formula and expressed, I mixed them at the same temperature x

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