Tips for putting down drowsy but awake?

My LO always fights sleep and has since the day he was born. Wanting to start putting him down drowsy but awake so he can learn to put himself to sleep. I haven't been trying it for long but every time I put him down he's instantly wide awake. I give him a soother and a couple times he's been able to get to sleep. But more often he doesn't and I end up holding him to sleep anyway. Looking for tips on the drowsy but awake method. Note: he's 3 months so we aren't letting him cry it out yet
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I'm curious what others have to say as well. I have the exact same struggles as you. My kiddo is 15 weeks today and if I put him in his bassinet drowsy, he'll just wake up and refuse to sleep

Same thing, all day, every day! It's like he decided inside the womb that he's had enough sleep 🤔

So I generally follow two things - give her playtime before putting her down so she sleeps in a few swing rocks. Another one is to massage and tummy time before putting her down. Basically, making her tired physically and mentally is the easiest way she sleeps through

I'm just starting to work on this too. So far I've noticed that if I rub my nose against her nose when i put her down that seems to let her know that she's safe and it's ok to fall asleep.

Dark room, and sometimes I will put a heating pad on the mattress for a couple minutes before placing them down so it’s not a shocking cold temp difference

I do the same as Victoria, I use a heat pad to warm the spot and blanket where I’m putting them down, also use gripe water on the soother as I’m putting them down. I had also read that if you lay your baby down straight on their back your going to activate their startle reflex, so try to start them on their side, then put their butt down first then their head slowly, then roll them on their back once you see them relax

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