Baby Carrier or Stroller with car seat

I will be travelling alone with my 6 month old and wondering what would be better . I am confused if the stroller works better or the baby carrier. Any suggestions please help.
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@Darshita sure will message you

Carrier for layovers as I didn't get my stroller back until luggage pickup at my final destination. I traveled alone with my 4.5 yr old on two long haul flights with layover in between. Stroller you will need at final destination. Can also msg me personally of you have any other questions.

Carrier is great if you’re flying, keep in mind you need to have it unbuckled during takeoff/landing. If you can splurge and pay for the extra seat on the plane, you can bring the car seat on board with you, it also gives you hands free time during the flight and gives baby a familiar place to sleep in.

I travelled with our 4 month old without my spouse and definitely made use of both. Checked the stroller at the gate (they will have it waiting for you when you land) and used carrier for boarding and getting off until I was at stroller again.

I agree with Sahar, the carrier is extremely useful if you're traveling by plane. The car seat plus stroller means u can take Uber rides etc

Carrier is a great option to keep baby distracted for a long time. However, I definitely recommend having the stroller with car seat in case baby gets super sleepy!

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