No sign of period

A lot of mamas on here seem to have gotten theirs, not me! I am combo feeding. That being said, should I be concerned? My SIL said I should see my ob.
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I’m EBF and no period. Ob told me it’s common to not have it at all until you stop bf. Even after you stop, it can take couple of months to return. You’re still ovulating all this while tho

I got mine twice with no issues n now I'm 4days late lol but I ain't had sex with anyone so I know I'm not pregnant 🤷 I'm formula feeding as well

Combo feeding here.. Mine came once, but nothing since

My baby turned 4 months last weekend and I got no period yet either. I am combo feeding as well

Baby is 4 months on Friday and still no period for me. Primarily breast feeding but supplement a bottle of formula on days she eats more than I produce

EBF and no period here. Hoping I'm one who doesn't get it for a year 😂

No period for me yet either, combo feeding and baby girl will be 4 months tomorrow.

No period for me yet, baby is 4 months on the 29th. EBF

With my first I didn't get a period for almost 2 years ( breastfed for three years). 4 months PP no period EBF mom.

@Keshia it's been 13 months for me. Has it been that long for everyone else too?

I Haven’t got mine yet either and I am fully breastfeeding

I combo feed as well, no period yet

My baby turns 4 months next week and I still haven’t gotten mine!

No it’s not a concern some Mommas don’t get there’s for a year!! I just started spotting myself smh 😒 I would’ve loved not to have mine yet but just remember everyone is different (and be glad you don’t have to worry about it yet 😂)

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