Why am I having spotting a week before my period that's due?
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Hormones. Stress/anxiety. Birth control. Something else going on with your ovaries/uterus. Sometimes bodies are weird. You could also be pregnant if that's a concern you have, but I personally never had implantation bleeding or spotting of any kind and many women don't. 🤷‍♀️ If you're worried and also have extremely regular cycles, just wait until a few days after you missed your period and take a test.

I had implantation bleeding when I got pregnant with my second son who I lost a few yrs ago. My periods are regular.

I don't get it was spotting for two days now I'm bleeding but not as heavy as my period. But each time was after sex with my fiance. ?????

@LaRae Hello. Sorry to hear that you are spotting a week before your period. There are many things that could cause spotting before your period, such as ovulation, stress, hormonal imbalances, medications, birth control methods, etc. I would check in with a doctor to ensure that everything is okay, but I have had spotting before my periods… usually it is just an indication that my period is about to start earlier due to changes in my diet.

Thank you @C 🐻 and @LaRae for your posts and responses. I agree that it our bodies can be weird sometimes and that implantation bleeding could also be a possibility. Although if it is only after sex, then it may also be due to a tear in your vagina… especially if you haven’t had sex as frequently. Again, I would check in with a doctor.

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