Birth control and false period

So I started birth control at 7 weeks postpartum (around August 14th) and started what I thought was a period right around 8 weeks postpartum. I was supposed to start my second period two days ago and haven’t so I’m curious if any other ladies are going through something similar? I’m exclusively breastfeeding and taking the one hormone birth control bill. Hoping it’s just going to be irregular for a bit 😅🤞🏻
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My Dr said I might not have a period while on the same pill. I had some light bleeding around 7 weeks so far.

That’s reassuring! I’m hoping the pill just caused a period, freaks me out a little this pill isn’t as effective 😆😅

My dr said I might not have a period as well. Mine has also been irregular. I have no idea when i’ll get another period

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