Mom guilt…

I’ve noticed lately that my patience is thin with my 5 year old. I know she is only five, but she doesn’t listen to anything I ask or say - it’s ALWAYS a fight. She even told me the other day that I’m always yelling. That is not what I want my daughter to think about me. Granted, I know she may not take it as I am taking it but you know…. I am a single mom. My youngest is just over a year and a half… I have no help other than my parents (they watch my kids while I’m at work). But other than that, it’s just me. I do all the cooking, cleaning, I work full time, I go to school and I try to incorporate self care when I can too…. Not to mention having to watch my son like a hawk all the time. My patience is thin because I am one person doing a million things. How can I be more patient? And how can I stop feeling like a terrible mom for losing my patience and feeling like I don’t give her enough time with me alone? This mom guilt absolutley sucks.
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I just meditate or pray to God... it puts my mind at ease and really makes me forget the anger and just appreciate all my blessings... sending hugs x

Your not alone im going through the same thing I am bipolar so it makes matters worst I have to do therapy but it’s still challenging

Thanks Nicole. That made me feel better ❤️

Can relate to this on so many levels. Just remember you’re not alone ❤️ When I feel myself getting this way I just tend to take myself away for a moment to calm myself and regulate my emotions but we’re mums and as a single mum myself, I feel guilty just the same. Its’s difficult but I try to explain to my 5 year old that my emotions are not his responsibility and I apologise when I know I’ve reached my breaking point from being completely overwhelmed. One day at a time and keep breathing through those difficult moments. ❤️

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