How's everyone eating their veggies ?

I'm struggling to eat veggies. How are you guys making sure you get these nutrients? Are there pregnancy safe green supplements that can be taken ? Or is there any other way to make sure to get these nutrients? I can just hardly eat them.
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I have so many issues keeping food down. I rely on my prenatal gummies.

I was also going to recommend smoothies. Luckily my appetite came back around 18 weeks and I’m eating normally.

I struggle as well, so my go-to is making green smoothies also 😅

i love my veggies but only when i make them lol but when i cant eat i drink a nutrienment my ob told me they’re better than ensures

In my protein shakes. I do scoop of protein powder in unsweetened almond milk with frozen berries and spinach. It’s not quite enough but it is better than nothing!

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