I'm just interested to know those of you who are consultant led, when did you have your sweeps in uncomplicated pregnancy, and did the consultant have to say when it should be performed? I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and apparently am high risk, I've had high BP, protein and leukocytes recently and now I have gestational diabetes. I don't see the consultant for another week, I just thought I would have been offered a sweep by now. I have the midwife on Thursday and I'm not sure whether she can do one without the consultant having signed off on it
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I would prefer sweeps, I just don't know if the midwife can do one before 40 weeks if the consultant hasn't put it in the plan. I've been in early labour for weeks now, I've lost my mucous plug twice so I'm sure baby's ready and just needs a little nudge

I've got my 3rd sweep tomorrow and being induced on sat. Asked for a sweep at 38 wks as trying desperately not to have the induction. My consultant said it was okay as baby was measuring fine. Under consultant as age, baby 5, risk of bleeding and bmi. Definitely ask for sweeps if thats what you want😊

I discussed sweeps with my consultant during my last appointment when she booked my induction - i explained i was happy for the induction but would rather go more naturally before that so she put a sweep at 38weeks on my plan - my midwife at 38weeks went with it but explained they are rarely successful that early (and it wasn't successful) the midwife then booked in 2 more before my induction date which is on sunday

I had one at 39 weeks and then I’m having one Thursday to try and encourage him to come as I’m booked for an induction on Sunday (due date) but would rather him try come on his own first. My 1st sweep did nothing she managed to sweep but couldn’t get to babies head. Hoping Thursday works. I’ve been consultant led and similar things to you xx

@Sammy is it something your consultant requested or could your midwife do the sweep without needing the consultant to consent to it? X

I had sweep at 37 weeks and induction booked for this Thursday at 39 weeks x consultant led

I saw my consultant at 36+6 and didn't have GD then, I feel like if I saw them before they might suggest it but I don't see them till the day before my due date x

I’m consultant led and have GD, I’ve got induction booked for weekend but he has asked midwife to do the sweep on Thursday at 39 weeks and to check cervix. I checked with them to make sure the hub does them and she said yes as long as it’s on your notes. X

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