I lost my baby this morning I was 10 weeks. I’m devastated it’s so hard to put on a happy face for my daughter. I don’t know how to process something like this it was so traumatic I had to have it removed at the hospital and I didn’t understand what was happening at the time. They closed the curtain on my partner and didn’t call him to hold my hand. I felt so alone. I’ve never experienced loosing a baby before and I’m so scared how it will effect my mental health I want be happy for my daughter but now I feel broken. I hate talking to family and friends about my feelings because it makes me feel bad and just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing and can talk xx
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I’m so sorry for your loss I had the same thing last year I went for my 12 week scan and had to go through an MVA alone due to Covid restrictions, pop me a message if you want to talk about anything. I’m still grieving xx

I'm so sorry that you've had to experience this. I lost mine at 10 weeks aswell. Honestly talk to whoever will listen. It will be super hard at first but it will get easier. It may not seem that way right now x

I’m so sorry to be reading this. I had a missed miscarriage in April, no signs that anything was wrong at all. Paid for an early reassurance once at 10 weeks to be told it’d stopped growing around 8 weeks. Had to go and have the op to remove. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should be feeling. It’s heartbreaking 100%. Speak to friends and family about how it’s made you feel, believe me it helps. Don’t bottle it all up. Always here to talk if you want to x

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