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My two boys are usually so quiet and peaceful, but last night and through today, they have both been crying for 10 minutes plus, either together or alternating who is crying. They've eaten, they've been changed, holding doesn't help, their playlist isn't helping, and Tylenol hasn't helped (in case they're in pain). Anything else I can do? This is breaking my heart and has put a halt to everything I need to get done today. One of my boys has been crying so much he is very raspy in the voice. (They'll be 2 months tomorrow)
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@Erin Sometimes! Or they could both be making each other over tired? I’m trying to remember what 2 months old was like for us, but I was really in survival mode. Looking at my 2 month pictures, I remember that sleep was basically nonexistent and he got RSV reallllly fast! What is in their playlist?

@Hope I'm hoping maybe this is it. But I'd think the Tylenol would help with the pain?

They could be going through growth spurts?

@YazmynJade, they've been burped and haven't given me anything more 20 minutes after they finished 5 oz bottles (they each got 5 oz bottle around 11a). If they're sick, I've missed signs of them being so because their Temps are in normal range, and they haven't spit up since we got them back on Breastmilk and Enfamil formula.

Excess wind? Maybe still hungry? Any sick at all? Like after bottles or a whole after?

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