Milk coming in but not breastfeeding

Any advice/tips would be amazing. I’m on day 5 PP and my milk has come in but I’m bottle feeding. My boobs are so big, hard and so painful. This afternoon I’ve gone pretty shivery, achy and just feel awful. Any advice on some relief? I don’t want to stimulate them as I won’t be feeding.
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@Chloê second this! All the same things happened to me, I wore a tight sports bra for 3 days (only took it off to shower, so make sure you wear in bed too!) and my milk had gone by itself.

You might need to pump very slightly to relieve some of the pressure but don’t do it to empty. Just for a little bit but I’d call the doctor because it sounds like you have mastitis like the others have said

It only lasts for a couple of days❤️ you got this!! Stay on top of ibuprofen for pain relief and wear a very tight bra. You can also use cold compress but my midwife told me to stay away from hot compress as it may encourage more milk supply xx

They'll dry up naturally. I'm 16 days PP and finally coming to the end. A tight fitting bra will help (sports bra, bralette, maternity bra) Also putting your breast pads in the fridge will help sooth them too. The night my milk came in I felt really poorly with flu like symptoms and was told its pretty normal x

This happened to me. I got out of hospital on day 6 and when I got home I was so emotional, I started to cry then my boobs started leaking. That same evening I was shivering and felt so unwell. Woke up in the middle of the night sweating. Midwife came next day and told me this is normal and it’s just all the hormones. I had hot showers to help with relief, used tight sports bra type thing and breast pads xx

Put on a well fitted bra without wires and leave alone. Your body will get the message and it will naturally dry up. Get seen by GP too x

They just should naturally go downn!! If you are feeling unwell go to doctor as you can get mastitis im sure putting cabbage leaves in your bra will help dry the milk up. Also ice pack under the arm pits and on the boob will help with swelling

I know it’s weird, but cold cabbage. If that’s not your thing just do ice packs.

Get some Epsom salts to dry your milk up and maybe contact 111 as it sounds like you have mastitis xxx

Hi Becky, just curious why you are not feeding? I think there are meds you can take to stop lactation, ask your doctor.

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