Side preference!

Anyone else’s baby constantly lying to one side? I feel like baby boy is always on my right side and stuck right under my ribs 😭
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Yep! Baby girl is always on the right side, head down curled round like a banana with her knees tucked under my ribs. Anyone know what this might mean for the actual position? I know she’s cephalic as been written down plenty of times but wasn’t sure if this means she’s facing to the left, facing back or front etc… x

Omg same here, baby likes my right side since the start and I can now feel them so close to my ribs and I am only able to sleep on my right side

Little one is always on my right hand side, I even get a lopsided bump regularly 😂

Yep! My boys always on my left side, constantly stretching and sticking his bum out then elbowing my right side/kicking my ribs 😂

Yep same 🙋🏼‍♀️ always bum on one side with feet in my ribs

Me I’m the same my little girl has been on my right side all the way through pg which makes measurements very hard to get I was measuring 4 weeks behind on last scan due to wonky bump lol

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