I know this is TMI

Has anyone not been able to eat (like your are not hungry) but then have diarrhea from not eating? I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and of course I’ll bring this up. I’m currently 9w 3d
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I would try to supplement meals with smoothies or a few ensures. A meal equals about 2 ensure plus. A lot of times when we’re not feeling well, our nutrition needs are actually greater. Think about when you have the flu and you have no appetite. You need more. I’ve been seeing a dietician for several years, and this has always been their recommendation for me

I’m having trouble with my appetite as well but only have loose stools sometimes after eating not from not eating but I noticed that I get full very fast and haven’t eaten as much as I used to.

Don't feel bad. I wouldn't worry about but if it makes it better talk to your doctor about it I sometimes don't eat but I eat a little just to have something

@Kaitlyn but then I feel bad because I know you have to eat when your pregnant

I've had that a couple times. But if you're not hungry, you're not hungry

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