C Section Date Accuracy

Hi ladies, Just wondering from your experience how accurate your hospital has been at giving you your c section date / time? Has anyone had it changed last minute and been asked to either come in earlier / later?
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My elective C/S got pushed back like 8 hours because there were a lot of emergency C/S that day.

No delays for me. My surgery was expected to start at 7:30 am, they asked us to be at the hospital at 5 am. Had my baby by 7:45!

@Lauren ohh wow. I hady ovary removed 5 years prior and had a huge blood clot (size of a rubix cube) left in my pelvis. It fused my bowel womb and bladder together. I had a spinal which wore out during survey too. It was awful. Still went on to have two more (smooth sailing) c sections x

@Kerrianne what a coincidence, it was emergency bowel surgery the poor girl needed!

@Lauren that was us on my first. I ended up with emergancy bowel surgery (complication of previous surgery 5 years before c section) and spent an additional 2 hours in theatre. X

Mine was meant to be just after lunchtime but the poor girl before me had some pretty terrible complications that arose during the surgery so I didn’t get taken until about 5pm because they were with her that long. Nothing could have been done to avoid that happening.

Mine was scheduled for the 25th of August and rang me on the 23rd asking if I could come in the next morning as they had some staffing issues on the Friday x

Hi! So my due date was 9/8, but c section was scheduled for 8/30. I had some complications earlier on in the pregnancy and she was in a breech position. I saw my ob on 8/14 and he wanted to schedule the c section the following day because I had low amniotic fluid plus the other concerns.

3 sections. My 2nd was delayed by hours due to emergancies being rushed in before me. My 3rd was delayed due to staff by a couple of hours (I was the only one booked that day due to me being complex) x

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