Is it just me?!

I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant and I'm struggling so much with an aching pain right on my pubis. It literally feels like there's a bowling ball inside my vagina just sitting on the pubic bone and it is unbelievably uncomfortable. Anyone else suffering with this? And does anyone know how to ease it??
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I use my birthing ball a lot and practice different stretches to try and relieve it but it just seems to be getting worse. Perhaps physiotherapy is the way to go 🤷🏼‍♀️

32+3 and have horrendous PGP. Feel your pain, as others said the yoga ball helps a lot, try keeping your legs together when getting in and out of car and not standing on one leg/ holding your weight in one leg. E.g. putting trousers on. Warm baths or compress might help relieve it a little. X

Mine is absolutely horrendous too, I'm 31 weeks x

I get this a lot and often feels worse after I’ve been lying down or sitting for a while.

I'm 33+2 x

Yes, I have terrible aches at the moment, my pelvis and my back. I got an exercise ball, and sitting on it helps a lot. My consultant also suggested physiotherapy if it's still bad next week.

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