Fidgeting when feeding

Anyone else’s LO fidgety when breastfeeding? My boy can’t seem to keep his hands still. Stroking, scratching anything behind me like a pillow when feeding. Flapping his arm up and down etc. Seems a relatively new thing
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Yes!! I EBF and my little boy is exactly the same! Constantly coming on and off, scratching, looking around haha, definitely become a mission to get him to feed properly during the day with the curiosity 😂 x

My girl has been fidgety for a little while when feeding, if she doesn’t have her hands covered or I don’t have a T-shirt to cover my chest, she scratches my chest like mad! She also seems to have taken to pulling my nipple when she’s feeding and for some reason she seems to use it like it’s kind of like a lollipop 🤣

I’m not breastfeeding, but it’s the same, after some first gulps once he’s not super hungry anymore he starts to look around and wants to hold the bottle, which he just pushes out of his mouth pretty much, so we have a little fight over it 😅 Sometimes pinches my arm also 😁 I think they’re just very interested in everything around and getting curious, so get easily distracted 😊

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