How early can you find out baby’s sex?

I’m only 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and plan to book a private scan to find out just wondering if you can before 16 weeks?
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It's more likely to be wrong if you do it any earlier. You can get blood tests done from 6 weeks though. X

I have heard 13 weeks

So not before 16 weeks. Seems like such a long time away ☹️

I found out at 16 weeks as I did a private scan and also some private testing. It was the harmony tests. It’s more accurate around this time. We did have that nub theory earlier on, which was accurate for us.

I found out at 16+5 😊 my private scan place says they can do it from 16 weeks

I got to know mine when I was 17 weeks pregnant 🤰. Normally it’s around this time only

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