I’m getting induced tomorrow at 37+2. Any advice I’m so scared
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It was great! I got hooked up to the hormone drip and when I saw the numbers on the monitor going up that was a contraction. So I started earlier with my gas and air and felt totally in control. I think the numbers when up to 100 and I started gas and air around 20/30 this meant the gas could get into my system before I reached 100 🤪

Good luck 😊 definitely just think positive .

@Nikola Thank you so much! X

@Katie thank you so much! It’s nice to hear a positive experience! Appreciate your comment xx

Bring your favorite pillow and, if you use one for sleep, a white noise machine/fan. Inductions can take a while (mine took 3 days) and you'll want to get the best sleep you can.

Congratulations! Like Katie said, if possible try to go in with a positive mindset - after all, it’s so exciting you’ll get to meet your baby soon! You’ve got this. There are a few meditations on YouTube which help work through fears too. In terms of advice, noise cancelling earphones were essential for me. There were other people on the ward handling contractions in various ways before being ready to go to the labour ward, and this way I was able to listen to my music and breathe through my surges. Also iPad and snacks are a great idea.

I know it’s easier said then done, but don’t be scared!! Go in with a positive mind set and go with the flow. I got induced at 39+5, 0cm dilated with my first baby, they put the pessary in at midnight and the same morning I gave birth with no pain medication, 1hour Labour and contractions and 8 minutes of pushing.. home the same evening… Every birth story is different, try and think positive almost try and convince yourself it’s going to be a laugh🫣 Personally I brought in my iPad, my own pillow and blanket and snack as you might be in for a couple of days x

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