Usually I will drink just one coffee a day but I realised today I had my normal morning coffee and then I not to Starbucks and completely forgot to order decaf and feeling really guilty for it I know it might seem a bit dramatic but I’ve more than likely gone over the 200mg or caffeine now and feeling really guilty
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I wouldn’t worry too much! I drank an occasional redbull while pregnant, and had regular coffees in the morning. If it’s a one-off >200 mg it won’t do the baby any harm ☺️

Done this a few times, knowingly, just couldn't resist the Starbucks hit!! 🤣 don't worry, I'm sure all is fine, I've known people who've done much worse regularly and everything with baby was fine ❤️

Wouldn't worry- Starbucks coffee is known to be the weakest too!

A one off isn’t going to do any damage, try not to feel guilty!

No don’t worry! If you did it every day then not ideal but as a one off/ every now and again, I’m sure it will be absolutely fine. Please don’t beat yourself up! X

I wouldn’t worry I go way over everyday I have a morning coffee and at least 3 fizzy drinks and a second coffee and sometimes a monster a day and my baby boy is very happy 😊

Thank you everyone 🥺

In America it’s 300mg so hopefully that gives you peace of mind. X

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