Failed sweep

Been for a sweep today that failed, she said my cervix was posterior and closed which was quite disappointing, I'm 40+3 today and was really hoping to get things moving along. Induction booked for Sunday which I'm not keen on, did anyone's labour start naturally before they went in for an induction?
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I went for a sweep today but my cervix was closed so she couldn’t perform one however I’ve been in sooo much pain ever since and it’s slightly worrying. I didn’t think I would get any symptoms since it wasn’t even a sweep

@Sylwia lots of cramping when she was doing it, actually had to ask her to stop cause I couldn't bare it anymore! Not really had anything after and no bleeding or anything

How did you feel after the attempted sweep? Did you have any cramping etc or did you just feel normal?

I thought it was 2 weeks, but probably depends on availability/hospital. Sunday’s still a while away so curb walking (even walking up and down stairs), bouncing etc. Good luck!

@Natalie only been offered 1 sweep and they said they don't like to let you go past 10 days over so that's why they've booked my induction in 🤷‍♀️

Did they say why they’ve booked induction already? I’m 41+1 today and had my 3rd sweep earlier which finally seemed to have done the trick. My induction’s booked for Saturday when I would be 41+6. My last sweep (Friday) they said baby was high and cervix thick but things progressed quite quick for me so anything’s possible.

It could. Definitely gravity pulling baby down. I went to a park the day before my water broke with my son. Idk if it helped or was a coincidence but I would definitely try

@Gabrielle been on my ball but definitely not been walking very much, does this help?

I wasn’t planning to be induced with my son but I was 1cm for a while and my water broke all of a sudden one day and then I had contractions and what not before then. Are you doing lots of walking and bouncing on your ball?

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