Gripe water

My LB is under 2 weeks old and hasn’t been for a poo yesterday or today. He has farted a lot today and brought up his burbs after feeds. I have been putting a drop of Infacol in each of his bottles as midwife suggested this on Saturday. He’s formula fed and I was told today by triage this was normal for them to go awhile without pooing. It can cause them to be backed up a little. Someone said Gripe Water can help. I picked some up but when I got home read the package and said not to be used under 1 month old… Has anyone else used this before 1 month? Does it help with them pooing or just with wind? FTM looking for some advice . Thank you 😊
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I wouldnt use it i don’t think it’ll do much if you did use it before a month. But I would try belly massages and stuff like that first

Also looking for advice if you can use gripe water!

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