Ibuprofen and calpol paracetamol

What do you understand? Both of them or just one of them? Thank you
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Both but alternating x

As above said alternate them - 3 hours in between should be fine. My daughter had a febrile seizure as her temp suddenly shot up, since then if ever she has a temperature the advise was to alternate ibuprofen and calpol to keep the temp down. You're only allowed to give them so many doses of each within 24 hours so staggering them like this ensures baby is covered for the full 24hrs hours no time where the meds wear off in between.

Only 3 doses of ibuprofen in 24 hrs and 4 doses of calpol are allowed.

Calpol every 4 hours and ibuprofen every 6 hours. So calpol, 3 hours later ibuprofen, 2 hours later calpol again, 2 hours later ibuprofen again. Xx

My LG has tonsillitis, we were told by the hospital to alternate between ibuprofen and calpol every 4 hours as otherwise you’ll exceed the maximum amount in a day x

Sounds like both. You can give both ibuprofen and paracetamol but I've always been told they have to be staggered (2-3 hours after each other) rather than both at the exact same time!

That sounds like give all of them

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