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Has anybody else got their little one in a daycare nursery? He's just turned 5 months old , I've got a couple of interviews lined up for the rest of this week but the only way this would be worth my time is if I do full time and he's at day care Mon - Friday all day, I feel shocking but it's the only way I'll make money if I do, I'm having super mam guilt about having him home in my arms 24/7 to a day care 7:30 till 5:30 5 X days a week I feel awful I don't know what to do whether to just let my maternity end and go on UC and be worse off or do this? He's still so young 😭 I moved to a new area with my bf who works 65 hours a week so he can't watch him and my family are over 30 miles away I don't know what to do 😞 I checked all local childminders and every single one is full
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Tomorrow I'm visiting a nursery and same; I'm feeling quite guilty, I would like to stay with him until he's 1 year old but no suck luck 😮‍💨 However, I do think is good for him to have a working mom, whi can provide and will still have a career once he's in school!

My baby goes childminders 3x a week from October and every time I think about it I cry. It’s awful- I get it. No other way to make money 😫😫😫 I think it will get easier over time. Your not alone! 💗

I personally am sending my LO to nursery full time all day from December; however, I am a teacher so this will be term time only so I will have all the holidays with her. I’m definitely feeling guilty about it too, but I’ve worked hard to establish my career and I am looking forward to having that ‘me’ time back too. It will of course be difficult but we will be able to offer her more opportunities by being in work than out, and financially part time vs nursery fees is so much worse! I think you do what is personally right for you and your situation, but it doesn’t make you a bad mum for having a career and your LO will learn lots through socialising with other babies and being under the care of experienced practitioners! X

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