Am I being unreasonable… So my little brother is working hard to become and videographer and photographer and I didn’t do a new born photoshoot or maternity shoot but now our son is 15 months I wanna do a cool Halloween one with him just me and him (dad isn’t into that stuff) and it also supports my little brother However as soon as dad brings up the the other two kids (boys aged 7&6) I said they I wasn’t including them because it’s something for me and my son…but he’s now in a foul mood about it (baring in mind there’s been a lot of arguments between him and his family recently regarding how our son misses out and is forgotten about constantly by his family) For someone who’s also admitted he couldn’t bring up someone else’s child no matter what he expects me to always include them in everything I do which I think is abit hypocritical considering he wouldn’t even consider taking on someone else’s kids but expects me to do it all at the drop of a hat. I include them in everything else usually but I just want this one thing between me and my son I don’t think I’m asking much but am I being unreasonable?
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@Chloe but he’s not in them and he doesn’t want to be. Literally everything we do they are included which is fine but just this once I want me and my son to have some time together. I work 7 days a week plus an evening for this family yet I still come home clean and cook for everyone, he doesn’t drive so I am constantly driving back and fourth to his sons home, and it’s not like we won’t do something with them but just this once I want to do something with my son. My whole pregnancy I wasn’t allowed to be excited because I had to hide it until I was 7 months because of his ex and the kids. Everything I do is a compromise for them two and my son misses out all the time because I’m constantly compromising for them even my baby shower was all about them two xx

If dad isn't going to be involved then it's not a 'family' photoshoot so I don't see what his issue is. If he wants pics of the kids together then he could arrange something for another time. I'd go ahead with it regardless, and enjoy your time with your son x

Go ahead with it anyway, dads not involved so it’s not like it’s a full family photoshoot. It’s something for you and your son xx hope the pics are amazing xx

Oh god I’m sorry that sounds like a lot to take on. I’ve just re read your post and I had read it wrong the first time. If he doesn’t want to be involved then it’s something that should be done with just you and your son 100%. He cant be annoyed at you if he can’t even be bothered to join in. You do what you want to do. I’m sure the photos will be amazing! Xx

Let him sulk and do the photoshoot! This would be nice for you to have a picture of you and your son. They’re only little once

Absolutely NOT unreasonable!!!! Even having more than one child yourself doesn’t mean everything involves all kids so why should that change because you’re a blended family! If it was a family photoshoot with dad as well maybe he’d have a slight point but as he’s not included he certainly has no point! Honestly I’d have to tell him to grow up and accept that treating the children equally doesn’t mean they all get the same!

Dad is completely unreasonable especially when he doesn’t want to do it. His attitude stinks saying about not raising someone else’s child yet expects you to be step mum. Double standards! Sod him, tell him you’ll be doing what you want. Enjoy your baby especially as you couldn’t enjoy your pregnancy. Do not feel guilty about that either

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