3 days ago


Has anyone else’s baby experienced this? It started a few days again and seems like it’s getting worse. Started on just her cheeks and seems to have spread to her ears, head, and back of the head.
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2 days ago

It’s baby acne 😊 My son had it a few weeks ago, but it only took 2 weeks to go away with some help. Things I did: - Added breast milk to his bath water and wiped his face using a baby wash cloth. - Kept his face moisturized (I used Vaseline or baby dove lotion because he has dry skin). - Kept my hands off of his face and stopped kissing his cheeks (this is hard, I know).

3 days ago

Yes! I freaked out and asked my pediatrician. He said its baby acne and to just wipe daily with a warm washcloth just water no soap and let it run its course

3 days ago

Baby acne. Wipe with water and just let it run its course. If you’re breastfeeding apply breast milk or an ointment after it’s had a few days to dry out

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