Carbon monoxide

Long story short the carbon monoxide alarm went off in our kitchen this morning. Me, baby and dog all left the house immediately and have had emergency gas people come over and turn all the gas off in our house so our house is now safe. Me, baby or dog didn’t have any symptoms and are fine. We’ve just got home after being at my parents all day and I feel so anxious about it. I know they’ve turned off the gas so there is no possible way of being exposed to any more and I’ve still got all the windows and doors open. My partner is in London and won’t be back until late tonight. I know the alarm will go off if it detects it again and you have to be using the appliance for it to produce the gas but I can’t help but feel so uneasy about being at home. I’m not sure what to do to try and ease this anxiety.
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I managed to get some sleep last night after my partner came home and checked the gas was defiantly off which was a huge relief. It was so scary. I was upstairs but cooking something on the hob and I heard what I thought was the fire alarm and I was like shit I’ve let it burn and went down and it said “carbon monoxide detected, the alarm may sound” (yes, the alarm actually talks to you) so I turned everything off and opened the windows and doors quickly and called my partner and then it kept going off but getting closer and closer together so put baby and dog in the car and grabbed some clothes as I was still in my pjs and went to my parents! My partner got a notification saying it cleared when I was leaving but I was not risking it! Everyone needs to have an alarm as they aren’t compulsory unless you’re in a rented property but imagine if we didn’t have one! Xx

Could you stay at your parents? I'd feel the same as you! Do all the things that make you feel calm, cup of tea, comfort tv show ect and snuggle with bubby and doggo, and wait for your partner to get back, you've done everything you can to make your home safe xx

Oh god that sounds terrifying. I would feel the same. Why do things always happens when the partners are away?! Have you thought about staying with your parents tonight, maybe that would help you feel better? X

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