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I’m flying from Miami to Israel at 24 weeks pregnant. It is about a 12 hour non stop flight. Any suggestions on things I should bring on the plane or tips I should keep in mind? I did book a business class seat so I will have lay flat seating so that I can sleep. I just don’t know what to expect as I am a first time mom and have never flown pregnant. I have flown to Israel twice before so I am used to long haul flights.
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Compression socks as other have said. Try to get up and walk around (at least to the bathroom or something) every two hours that you're awake. It's for circulation and also to prevent clots.

I flew to Tunisia from Florida three weeks ago and I also have a 10 month old so I definitely didn’t get the comfy experience you will 😂!! I definitely recommend making sure you’re drinking water and using the restroom and getting sleep in the times you should be resting (if you’re flying through the night like I did). Compression socks and stretches help a lot!! I’ve flown pregnant several times before but this was my longest flight with having a baby and being pregnant and honestly it didn’t feel all that different than flying not pregnant

Hi! I bought some compression socks and they saved my life on the plane! I would also recommend bringing liquid iv or some type of electrolyte!

I second compression socks! I wear them on flights even when I’m not pregnant and they’re a game changer for me

Flying on Thursday but it’s a short flight. My OBGYN recommended compression socks, comfy clothes, tennis shoes. She recommended getting up and stretching legs during the flight and at the airport between layovers to help with fluid buildup.

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