Red eye

My 11 month old eye is red in the corner. I just noticed it this morning. You can only see it when he looks at a certain angle. He did have a runny nose the other day and now he has a very dry nose. He coughed a little bit but not much. Could a baby this little have pink eye that doesn’t go to day care and is rarely around other children?
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My first born was only about ten days old when he got his first eye infection—which wasn’t pink eye. It might just be worth going to doctor in case meds are needed

our son had this Sunday and by Monday it was gone! Very weird but it was like the veins in his eye were red not his actual “eye” and we could only see it when he looked certain ways!

Hope your baby feels better and it turns out to be nothing!

Keep an eye on it ( no pun intended) my baby had an eye infection that started out as just a little swelling. Pediatrician dismissed it on day 1 but his eye was almost swollen shut the next day so she prescribed antibiotics and ointment then. It wasn’t pink eye though. My baby is not in day care and it around other children. But babies love to touch everything and rub their eyes when they get tired so there’s that 🤷‍♀️

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