Advice on movement please:) 🙏🏼

I am 16 weeks, and I haven’t felt movement, I have the gender scan on Thursday. But I’m just so anxious as to why? I have the feeling of wind in my belly. But I’m not having much luck! Should I be worried ? Is baby okay?
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Ah, I see what you mean! Perhaps an experienced midwife would feel something but I can’t even tell where my uterus line has expanded to and they seem to tell no problem… don’t forget they are well cushioned in there and have plenty of space to move right now. This is probably a good visual for 16 weeks

I am 16+1 and I haven’t felt anything but it’s perfectly normal especially if it’s your first pregnancy you will start to feel things 20+ 🩷

Thanks guys, I can’t explain it but when you push your stomach aren’t you ment to by now feel the body of the baby in there if that makes sence? Like the baby is sizing of a avacado now, that’s pretty big , and I can’t seem to feel a baby in there ? Xx

It's anywhere between 18-24 weeks usually so try not to worry 🤍 (easier said than done, I know)

I’m 16+4 today and haven’t felt any moment really either! I’ve had a few bubbles but I think that might have just been a separate issue, I had a scan today at EPAU and they’ve said I’ve got an anterior placenta so might not feel movement until a bit later, I wouldn’t worry too much if I was you at the moment as it’s still early! Best of luck for tomorrow x x

It’s not normal to feel movement at 16 weeks so don’t worry. First time I don’t think I felt movement until around 20 weeks and even then not sure of it. Maybe 26 weeks you could tell a punch and a kick? Sometimes, depending on where your placenta is people can not feel anything to nearer 30 weeks. So please, don’t worry at this stage.

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